Equipping our innovation hub for the future

Our team ensures the workspace is compliant with new safety guidelines and mandates. Here are the measures we are taking to build a healthier and safer community of innovators.

Increased Safety and Sanitization

  • Extensive hygiene measures
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing frequency in all common areas and restrooms
  •  Reduced touchpoints throughout the space
  • Updated building guidelines and reduced third-party entry (guests, food and deliveries)

Professional Distancing

  • Tailored meeting spaces and rooms, private studios and social areas to facilitate day-to-day operations while observing social distancing regulations.
  • Reduced space and room capacity (50%)
  • Seat-to-seat distancing in all common areas and meeting rooms

Behavioral Signage

  • Strategically placed signage for pointed reminders on distancing and cleanliness.
  • Distancing reminders on screens, walls, tables and floors
  • Pre-distanced seating marked with table signage

Sanitization Equipment

  • Materials and equipment provided for all occupants to help keep spaces clean and hand sanitized.
  • Touch-free soaps and hand sanitizers
  • Provision of protective face masks and gloves
  • Wipe dispensers nears phone booths, printers and in kitchen

Improved HVAC

  • Maximized flow of outdoor air
  • Extended schedules and a partnership with the building management order to comply with C.D.C. and A.S.H.R.A.E. guidelines